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  • Gismatulin, A., Gritsenko, V., Perevalov, T., Kuzmichev, D., Chernikova, A., Markeev, A. Charge Transport Mechanism in Atomic Layer Deposited Oxygen-Deficient TaOx Films (2021) Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research, 258 (3), статья № 2000432,


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  • Kozodaev, M.G., Slavich, A.S., Romanov, R.I., Zarubin, S.S., Markeev, A.M.  "Influence of Reducing Agent on Properties of Thin WS2Nanosheets Prepared by Sulfurization of

    Atomic Layer-Deposited WO3" (2021) Journal of Physical Chemistry C,

  • Koroleva, A.A., Chernikova, A.G., Chouprik, A.A., Gornev, E.S., Slavich, A.S., Khakimov, R.R., Korostylev, E.V., Hwang, C.S., Markeev, A.M. Impact of the Atomic Layer-Deposited Ru Electrode Surface Morphology on Resistive Switching Properties of TaOx-Based Memory Structures (2020) ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12 (49), pp. 55331-55341.

  • Chernikova, A.G., Kozodaev, M.G., Khakimov, R.R., Polyakov, S.N., Markeev, A.M. Influence of ALD Ru bottom electrode on ferroelectric properties of Hf0.5Zr0.5O2-based capacitors (2020) Applied Physics Letters, 117 (19), статья № 192902

  • Kuzmichev, D.S., Chernikova, A.G., Kozodaev, M.G., Markeev, A.M. Resistance Switching Peculiarities in Nonfilamentary Self-Rectified TiN/Ta2O5/Ta and TiN/HfO2/Ta2O5/Ta Stacks (2020) Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science, 217 (18), статья № 1900952,

  • Romanov, R.I., Kozodaev, M.G., Lebedinskii, Y.Y., Perevalov, T.V., Slavich, A.S., Hwang, C.S., Markeev, A.M. Radical-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of a Tungsten Oxide Film with the Tunable Oxygen Vacancy Concentration (2020) Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124 (33), pp. 18156-18164

  • Romanov, R.I., Slavich, A.S., Kozodaev, M.G., Myakota, D.I., Lebedinskii, Y.Y., Novikov, S.M., Markeev, A.M. Band Alignment in As-Transferred and Annealed Graphene/MoS2 Heterostructures (2020) Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters, 14 (2),  № 1900406

  • Gismatulin, A., Gritsenko, V., Perevalov, T., Kuzmichev, D., Chernikova, A., Markeev, A. Charge Transport Mechanism in Atomic Layer Deposited Oxygen-Deficient TaOx Films (2020) Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research,





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